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Valartis Fund Management (Liechtenstein) AG has become BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT ALPHA AG

On 27 February 2017 Valartis Fund Management (Liechtenstein) AG has been renamed to BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT ALPHA AG.

The rebranding was undertaken in line with the 100% parent company BENDURA BANK AG (formerly Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein) AG) which also changed its name in February 2017. According press releases can be found at

Both name changes are a direct consequence of the successful sale of the bank which was closed in September 2016 and which secured the future development of the highly successful private bank and its subsidiaries including the fund management company.

BENDURA has Celtic origin and consists of the elements BEN and DURO (gate, fortress). It is also a reference to the architecture of the bank building of BENDURA BANK AG and the Liechtenstein community Bendern, where BENDURA is located. The “ALPHA” in the name of the fund management company stands both for added value of the offered services but also enables the potential future establishment of further sister companies and subsidiaries with similar names and further expansion.