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New passive-member of LAFV - PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH


PATRONAS offers integrated portfolio, risk, compliance and order management as front-to-back SaaS and platform solutions for portfolio managers, investment advisors, securities traders and fund administrators.

PATRONAS was co-founded in 2003 by Carsten Osswald and Heribert Steuer, who still manage the company. This ma-
nagement stability and their in-depth knowledge and understanding of this complex and rapidly changing industry has enabled us to constantly grow our product coverage and customer base. ​

Today, thousands of institutional investors and traders use PATRONAS software to successfully manage and control their portfolios, their risk and their order and execution flow. In addition, our advanced multi-protocol messaging technology FrontFIX and our hosted and managed connectivity to, a leading order routing network, offer readily available and powerful solutions for global connectivity and execution access.