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Fund domicile Liechtenstein, where innovation meets reliability!

Fund domicile Liechtenstein, where innovation meets reliability!

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The benfits - the foundation for fund success

Discover the advantages Liechtenstein offers fund managers as a financial center. Here are four key factors that make Liechtenstein a forward-looking business environment and serve as a foundation for your future fund success.

Fund domicile Liechtenstein

EU-compliant funds

Due to its membership of the European Economic Area (EEA), the EU directives apply. Liechtenstein funds therefore have unrestricted access to the EU/EEA market.

Efficient banking system

The fund market benefits from access to an efficient banking system.


By law, the authorisation period for UCITS funds in Liechtenstein is a maximum of 10 working days and for AIFs a maximum of 20, but in fact it is significantly shorter.

Attractive tax system for funds

Revenues from funds are tax-exempt in Liechtenstein. There is also no VAT, withholding tax, stamp duty or subscription tax.

The LAFV - official representative of the interests of the Liechtenstein fund industry

The LAFV has set itself the task of promoting the development of Liechtenstein as a fund center and thereby further improving its attractiveness for fund providers and investors. The active development and further improvement of the fund legislation is a key objective.

Liechtenstein fund domicile
Liechtenstein fund domicile
Welcome to the Liechtenstein fund domicile

Welcome to the Liechtenstein fund domicile