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New brochure „Sustainability in Liechtenstein - ESG analysis of the Liechtenstein equity funds 2016“
For the first time, Liechtenstein equity funds have been under review with regard to their sustainab...
The new Liechtenstein Investment Undertaking Act (IUG) became effective
The new Liechtenstein IUG became effective on 1 Oktober 2016. It provides four specific categories o...
Renaming of IFAG Institutionelle Fondsleitung AG in Accuro Fund Solutions AG
Continuity and proven structures with a new name...
New active member of the LAFV – fairAM AG
The fairAM AG develops indirect real estate investments for qualified investors, which enable, as sp...
EU passport for Liechtenstein Alternativ Investment Fund (AIF) and Alternativ Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)
According to an information from the Liechtenstein government, the joint EEA Committee has decided t...
Swiss/Liechtenstein Fund & Asset Management Officer
From Autumn 2016 onwards, the Fund-Academy AG in Zurich offers, supported by the LAFV, a special Lie...
The Executive Committee of the LAFV welcomes a new member
The Executive Committee of the LAFV welcomes Bruno Schranz, Head of the Fund Services Business Area ...
Bruno Schranz appointed Head of Fund Services at the LLB Group
Bruno Schranz will take over as Head of the Fund Services Business Area of the LLB Group eff...
General assembly confirmed the members of the LAFV Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the LAFV was confirmed, for a new cycle of three years, at the general as...
09.03.2017 / 13:30 / Vaduzer Saal, Vaduz
Finance Forum Liechtenstein
Under the title „The future financial market place: New challenges – New business opportunities“, the third Finance Forum Liechtenst...